“I’m Back” – Lyrics & Notes

Words and Music by Mark Sacco

It’s been 3 long years since you’ve seen my face
I’ve raced hard like a rat all over the place
Far east to the west to the north and south
About time to let rhymes flow from my mouth - I’m Back

I can’t rap like Em or kick like Kid
Tried to make a great record and you know I did
Picked up guitars, played drums and bass
So I could rock some of this right in your face –

I’m Back, I’m Back

Why’s a chump like me in a place like this
Not behind the drums guitars in my fist
Got tired of Sally, sick of Stevie Ray
Don’t get me wrong its just not my way - I'm Back

So sit back relax or jump up and scream
Watch an old Trenton boy live out the dream
It’s not the way I planned out my life
But here I am second round to fight

I’m Back, I’m Back

Not content to rest or just fade away
I’m gonna keep this up ’til my dyin’ day
Gotta get up, gotta keep up, now that I’m back

Wrote the passage down, the next chapter’s done
Get the message out, I’m gonna be the one
Right to the top, not gonna stop, now that I’m back

I’m Back, I’m Back


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